79th element is a family owned gold trading & investment company working alongside our mining partners to secure a supply of gold at a price unrivalled in the industry.


At 79th Element, it is our mission to protect the wealth of our investors in such times of economic instability by offering an exclusive investment as part of a diversified portfolio.

We offer qualifying clients returns of 12% per annum.


The people we work with play an important role in our success. we work with blue chip brands & institutions such as Brinks, Air France, G4S, Central & Institutional Banks.

79th element is a family owned UK based investment & trading company recently launched in 2014 to facilitate investment in to gold & storage of gold into our vaults. Our team have many years of experience in the gold sector, supplying gold to some of the worlds largest organisations.

We are the only gold company in the UK & Europe who control the supply of gold from the mining phase all the way to the investment phase. Our main focus at this time is to store gold for the long term future.

How are we doing it

79th element has a unique, straight forward business model. We purchase gold at discount through our long standing relationships with our mining partners. Our gold is then refined, and then stored in our vaults, therefore benefiting from the discount we receive at the front end of the transaction, all the way to storage where gold appreciates in value due to increases in the global gold price.

Our purchasing is executed subject to the preferred market conditions to maximize our margin during the transaction.

This model enables us to offer our high returns to our investors.